If It’s a Game – The Pac-Man Album

I remember sitting on the work carpet of dark paneled bedroom as a kid. My bent and broken hand me down portable record player plugged into the outlet near the door (the only open outlet in the room) humming. I would pop my Pac-Man Picture disc album on, roll onto my back and drift away to the sounds of Patrick McBride & Dana Walden’s wonderful album. For the first time since I worked on the Pac-Man podcast, I put the album on again while checking my email this morning. When “If It’s a Game” came on, I stopped everything and closed my eyes and nearly drifted off into game fantasy land once again.

Such a a great song.

If you have a record player, you can still find a pretty affordable copy of The Pac-Man Album online. Of course if you do not want the album (which would look great framed), you can find a lot of the songs from the album online for download.

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  1. When I saw the tweet about this post, my first thought was the Pac-Man Fever album.

  2. I also own that album. While Pac-Man fever is more of a get ready to take on the world album. This one is more, lets escape into a fantasy world.

  3. I have the Pac-Man picture album around here someplace. None of the songs are going to exactly to top the charts, but some of them were OK.

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