If you need me I will be having fun in my Fun-L-Tun-L

One particularly nondescript Sunday, my family was out for a stroll and stumbled across a yard sale. While fumbling through a box of toys I found something I had always wanted since I saw it at friend’s house, a Fun-L-Tun-L. For those not familiar, the Fun-L-Tun-L is a series of hoops held together with cloth. You put it down on the floor and climb through it or roll around in it. The only limit is your imagination!

We picked it up for under a dollar. I am not sure the exact amount, but a dollar was usually the most I was allowed to spend on anything at a sale like this, so it is a safe guess. When I got it home, I immediately started playing with it. It was amazing! My fun level was at a 10, but I knew this thing went to 11, but I wasn’t sure where that extra bit of fun was going to come from. Then one of my family dogs (we had 4) walked past the entrance and I had my answer.

It took some coaxing and milkbone to get him in there, but I did it and I giggled like a monkey when he stood up and the entire Fun-L-Tun-L started to roll. I might have thought it was hilarious, but he did not, and he was a big dog. A big dog that would not be contained by a simple fabric toy. He started jumping and scratching and before I could stop him, he had completely torn the Fun-L-Tun-L in half.

I was sad, but I had only myself to blame. I had attempted to take fun in a direction it wasn’t meant to go, and my Fun-L-Tun-L was the casualty of my folly. Less than one day, that is the amount of time I spent with this marvelous toy, but the memory of what could have been if I had decided to leave the dog alone, will always haunt me.


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  1. Spotted Feather

    No. Just….no

  2. angela(toao)

    I would say “Silly, it serves you right!” but you have suffered enough, my friend. Here, just look upon this and imagine… http://imgur.com/NwjmLu0

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