In 1977, the New 64 oz Pepsi was THE BOSS

We live in amazing times. I can walk into any convenience store and get a single serving fountain drink that is 64 oz. But it hasn’t always been like that, I can remember a time when 64 oz was a big deal. There was a time when soda pop felt like a rate commodity.

When I was younger, we had soda pop delivered to our house for a while (until the company went out of business) and we missed out almost all of the soda size increases of the seventies and eighties. By the time we were buying soda in the store, these larger sizes were already old hat to everyone else. I knew about them from visiting my friend’s homes, but they were a shock to my mother, who insisted on buying soda in 32 oz sizes or smaller. This would all change as the price of the 64 oz Pepsi dropped precipitously. Which unfortunately gave her a kid who drank entirely too much of the stuff no matter how much she tried to stop him.

I had no idea that Pepsi tried to coin the term, “The Boss” as a size. But I am all for it and next time I am making a shopping list for myself I am going to put down, “1 Boss of Pepsi”

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  1. Adam Gott

    Notice how they serve a GIANT GROUP of people with one 64 oz. bottle of PEPSI? My how times have changed! I remember as a kid (ten years old in 1977) drinking a WHOLE 12 ounce bottle of Pepsi and my grandmother quipping ‘I can’t believe you drank the whole thing!’

  2. William Hunter

    Imagine how many bowls full of sugar that must be.

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