In 1986 I had Word Exposition Fever!


As I have mentioned on the site before, I am a big fan of World’s Fairs and Exposition. Whenever I heard one was running, I wanted to go and my poor Mother, who knew we would never get to go had to put up with my nagging optimism and trip planning. That would usually last until something else exciting came along, which must have been a relief for her. In 1986 news reports started talking about Expo 86 and I wanted to go in a big way. We never got to go, but I did get a taste of the Expo when my Mother’s friend who visited it brought me home a t-shirt and a poster.

That poster hung over my bed well into the 1990s, but the shirt did not last nearly as long. I wore it when I was playing touch football with my friends and things got a little heated and the shirt sleeve was torn in an un-repairable way. I still wore it as a “sleep shirt” for a year or so afterwards, but the damage caused it to unravel quickly.

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  1. The Owl

    I grew up in the Seattle area, and went to Expo ’86 with my dad and my brother. It was a little like EPCOT, in that it was rather edu-tational (plus it had a geodesic dome). A lot of the national pavilions had people movers that you would stand on while being whisked past displays about that country’s cultural heritage and so forth. You also received a “passport” that you would get stamped at each pavilion you visited.

    My most distinct memory of it (probably because I was nine at the time) was this water playground that consisted of various colorful fixtures that would spray water at random. I think my brother and I visited it every day we were there.

    I still have my Expo Ernie (the fair mascot – a cartoony astronaut) piggy bank, and while I didn’t get a t-shirt, I found one in a thrift store a few years ago in excellent condition, that I wear fairly regularly during the summer months.

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