Incredible 1960s Italian Toy Spy Attache Case

When I was a kid I would assemble little kits for whatever I was playing. One of my favorites to do was “secret agent”. I would usually get an old piece of luggage and just fill it with stuff I found that I thought could be marginally “spy-ish”. I always thought my spy case was pretty decent, until I spotted this 1960s Kinder Toys’ gem on Hake’s. This red vinyl case with metal latches and white plastic handle has everything I could want in one convenient case. It has a map pouch with real world map, binoculars, tablet, pen, real working camera with unused roll of 3M film, camera instructions, camera strap, flashlight, barometer, toy watch, plastic cap pistol with silencer and an ID card in Italian that resembles the Man From UNCLE.

I would have been the toast of the town with this cherry red bag. Men would have feared me, women would adore me. Kid spy ha! With this case I could have cracked even those most disciplined of suburban spy ring and I would have done it with style.

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  1. vinvectrex

    I’m fairly certain that if I received this as a kid, I’d still be travelling with it to this day.

  2. Lanch

    Don’t ask me what a journalist should do with a gun but the Italian text on the case says “The Journalist – special correspondent”. Also the illustration inside, on the top right corner says “from our special correspondent” and there is a boy sitting with a notepad next to a New Herald frontpage. Whether or not the journalist role is just a cover up for spy actions, this is up to the kid phantasy I suppose :).

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