Introducing the Team Murry X20R

This might seem like any other bike ad, but it is important to me because the X20R was the bike that I rode throughout my entire youth. It was a bit heavier than my friends’ Redlines and Mongooses, but what it lacked in lightweight material it made up for in durability. I dropped this thing from garage roofs and made jumps that left me bedridden for days, but the bike was always fine.

How did it finally die? A neighbor backed their car over it after I carelessly left it leaning against a curb near his driveway while we were building a fort in an empty lot down the block. I tried to fix the beast up, but I could never straighten the forks out correctly. That upcoming Christmas, I would get my first 10 speed. It was a swell bike, but it just wasn’t the same.

Was it the loss of my trusty X20R? Maybe, or maybe it was because all my friends had given up on long bike rides at this point or perhaps I had just gotten too old for the simple enjoyment of two wheels that I had relished in for so many year? I don’t know.

What I do know is that whenever I dream about bike riding, I still see myself atop my X20R and in those dreams we are still making jumps, bunny-hopping and popping wheelies on the muggy summer suburban streets of New Jersey. I miss you old friend.


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