Is Cream of Wheat – Mix ‘n Eat the King of the Warm Breakfast Foods?

Their was a long term argument in my family when I was growing up. It went on for years and it was about the merits of what was the best hot mushy food to eat for breakfast in the winter. We had all been raised to eat oatmeal, but one fateful day while visiting a family friend we were exposed to Cream of Wheat. It caused a schism that still reverberates at family gatherings with 2 of us breaking off and joining the Cream of Wheat camp. It got ugly with people switching up boxes while shopping and a refusal to eat breakfast by the less mature in the family (me).

Now I have my choice of what to eat and when the weather starts to cool off, I am all about Cream of Wheat. Although if you twist my arm, I can appreciate a good bowl of oatmeal, just don’t tell my family that.

Cream of Wheat – Mix ‘n Eat [via] Dan Goodsell

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  1. mwentworth

    I am on your side on this one. However, if given the choice it would be Malt-o-Meal over Cream of Wheat, sorry…….

  2. Atari Adventure Square

    I always found Cream Of Wheat much better than plain old oatmeal.
    My favorite way of eating it was to add less water and make hard clumps when the milk would get in there.
    You could also add as much, or as little, (or as much) sugar as you wanted.

    Of course, today we have brown sugar & maple oatmeal, so CoW has taken a backseat in breakfast options.

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