It is Time for Chocodiles to be Released Nationwide!

It has been a while since I had a Chocodile — Almost a year now. I am usually able to track them down somewhere, but lately I have had some issues finding them locally, so I have been thinking of ordering a box online. All that thinking and tracking the elusive Chocodiles, made me consider what is going on over at Hostess and the problems they are having, it has me worried.

Now I do not think Hostess is going to go away anytime soon. I am sure they will restructure and come out of this lean and mean and ready to take on the world. But, when a company has issues, they tend to make cuts. One of the things they might cut, could be something that is not widely available and top of that list could be the Chocodile. This is a Hostess future I would not want to contemplate. That is why I would like to make this suggestion to Hostess.

Do a limited edition re-release of the Hostess Chocodile Nationwide. Just do it like McDonald’s does with the McRib or Pepsi does with the Throwback and make a big deal about it. If people have a window of 6-8 weeks and they will stock up and who knows they might even buy some of your other products. I know they are willing to put new product on the shelf, as evidenced by their exotic cream Twinkies (strawberry is exotic right), so why not release an old product on those shelves.

I know this is a whole lot of “coulds”/”shoulds” and I am not sure if anyone at Hostess thinks about what a great brand the Chocodile is, but I am hoping that this shake up has them thinking in a different mindset and that very soon we will see Chauncey and his delicious Chocodiles on store shelves nationwide.

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  1. Mashísmo

    Thank you for this, good sir.

    I’ve only been able to enjoy them by ordering online and having them shipped. Miss them SO much, and miss having them at a moment’s notice right from the store.

  2. mwentworth

    Inspiring words. Once you pick a running mate, I think you will really gain momentum with your “Chocodile in every lunchpail” platform!

  3. vinvectrex

    I’m in favor of any corporate strategy that has a foundation of golden cake, rich cream filling, and chocolate flavor. You may have just saved the company.

  4. demoncat4

    totaly agree that hostess should do with chocodiles what mds does with the mcrib release them for a limited time so that fans who love them will start waiting for the time for their return and keep coming back for them. even though never ever had one of those things always heard about them.

  5. The Retroist

    Oh you are in for a real treat when you have one demoncat.

  6. DrNobody

    Crazy… If I go to the Circle K on Watson Rd. in Buckeye, AZ, they sell them single just like any other Hostess product… I don’t remember if I’ve seen them in the Phoenix stores or not, but it does make me wonder if any of the Hostess outlet stores have them out here…..

  7. The Retroist

    Hostess Outlets are usually where I have been able to get them even when I could not in stores. Even if they were an hour away, I would drive out once every other month or so and pick some up.

    How far away is your Outlet store?

  8. Drahken

    There aren’t any hostess stores around here any more. There used to be one, but it went out of business about 5~6 years ago. I haven’t been able to locate any other bakery outlet stores anywhere near here, except for a stroman one (which I think stroman only does boring stuff like bread & buns).

  9. DrNobody

    The Hostess outlet store for me, is actually about 1 hr away from me now… I used to be less than 10 minutes from it, but moved to Buckeye, AZ a few months ago… My job, however, is right by it so if I can ever get there early enough… I can go there and have it not be out of the way… ;^) (I work from home for the most part, so I rarely go into my company’s office… So I’m not driving 2 hrs every day for work… tee hee!!)

  10. chocophile

    They have an outlet here in TN…….unfortunately they don’t carry chocodiles :*(

  11. Brandon

    Hopefully they will make it a nationwide product, and put Chauncey back on the box!

  12. Rose

    YES!!! THANK YOU!!! I am tired of having to order them online fromt he west coast!

  13. laurie


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