JC Penney’s Denim-Testing Robot, Super Dennis?

Ever wonder how they test the durability of those jeans you wear? Well according this JC Penney’s commercial from the mid-seventies, it is all done by a humanoid robot named Super Dennis. One would think it might just be easier to use humans, but humans can’t dish out the punishment that test the exacting standards of these jeans.

Super Dennis works 24/7 to punish their tough Super Denim and he does it with splits, jumps, turns, squats and scooting across the floor. The jeans were apparently robot proof and for 6 bucks that is quite a steal.

Watching this I cannot help but wonder how they came up with the name Dennis. It is funny because normally robots have names that are not Dennis, but why Dennis? Is it because it sort of sounds like the word denim? Is that supposed to help with remembering it because it is Dennis the Denim-testing robot? That seems like a reasonable enough answer.

I know no one would get the reference, but I really want to go as Super Dennis for next Halloween. I would hit the dance floor and start doing all of Super Dennis’s signature moves. Splits, turns and of course, the scoot. It would wow everyone and I would take home first prize at the Mayor’s Halloween Ball (finally).

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