Kenner’s Gloppy and Glow Globs

I never have gotten my hands on Gloppy, which was Kenner’s answer to Play Doh, but I have always loved the packaging when I have seen it at flea markets. In this upload by poptartsbox, you can see what they package and Gloppy looks like when it is in good shape.

Unfortunately when I spot the stuff for sale, it usually looks likes this…

Gloppy did not last very long and mostly sold well because of the cool packaging. Why get Play-Doh when you can get something similar shoved into a Fred Flintstone mold? That novelty did not last very long and Gloppy would go away, but not before they tried to capture the market with the spooky themed glow in the dark gloppy, which was packaged as Glow Globs.

Anyone have memories of Gloppy or Glow Globs? What was the consistency like? Was it very close to Play Doh?

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  1. Very cool. What odd choice to include Gloop in there though. If they are doing Hanna-Barbera characters I can understand using Fred and Yogi and maybe the third one being Huckleberry Hound.

  2. CarlosTheDwarf

    Shouldn’t Gloop have been made of the yellow Gloppy?

  3. plcary

    Thanks for sharing this. I don’t remember this product at all but would have been all over it back in the day. Especially the glow globs!

  4. Frank Sarcia

    Gloppy was very oily and had a strange greasy consistency….I remember it well and the smell was unforgettable! Not a bad smell but like play-doh it was instantly recognizable…I have a mint package of Gloppy but I can’t open it because it’s in really great shape…Too bad because I really would like to smell it again. I haven’t smelled it since I was a little kid.

  5. She-Ra

    My sister and I received Glow Globs for Christmas from our uncle Jim- we wish we still had them! The texture/feel of them was actually like a soft waxy feel,not doughy like play-do. Many hours of fun in the dark of our room,as these things held their phosphorescence for a very long time.Thanks for the trip down memory lane 🙂

  6. Dave

    I just acquired an unopened pack of glow globs in very good condition….any interest in these?

  7. Peter

    Ah yes, Glow Globs, I remember them. Playing with radioactive plasticine as a child made me the man I am today. They had a sort of waxy feel to them if I remember correctly.

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