Kidd Video

Kidd Video

Kidd Video and his band of the same name were kidnapped by a villain named Master Blaster, and transported to a cartoon world called The Flipside. There they are rescued by a fairy named Glitter, and subsequently spent each episode of the series either helping to free the denizens of the Flipside from Master Blaster’s rule, or trying to find a way back to the “real world” just like the cartoon Dungeons & Dragons.

The show was dominated by an MTV-esque, music video theme. Each episode featured at least one action sequence set to a popular song, and the heroes would often distract their enemies by showing current music videos, and sneak off while the enemies were entranced. Each episode also ended with a live-action music video by Kidd Video and his band.

The show would eventually get released on home video. Six VHS tapes with a single episode each were released in the uS from DiC Video & Golden Books.

Kidd Video Intro

Here are some example of the Videos from the show.

Kidd Video – Video Romeo

Kidd Video – Easy Love

Kidd Video – You Better Run

Here is a bonus…Kidd Video “Live” on Dance Fever

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  1. Doug

    Wasn’t the one kid Oliver from The Brady Bunch?

  2. VicSage2005

    You are most correct, Doug. That is Robbie Rist, Oliver, from the Brady Brunch. I never realized that myself, sir, good eyes! 🙂

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