Knight Rider Burnin’ Key Cars were Fearsome and Unmerciful

The Burnin’ Key Car concept was pretty simple. You get a small toy car and a key. Put the key in the small car. Give it a squeeze. Watch it go. If you loved toy cars in the eighties, you probably crossed paths with one and if you had a wide enough kitchen floor, or some other room without carpeting, you had a great time. If you had a fully carpeted home? Not so much. I cannot remember which of the Burnin’ Key Cars I had, they have long since disappeared from my life and my memory, but I know it was not the Knight Rider version, because with a toy car this fearsome, you never forget. Allow this commercial to explain.

No way I saw this mind-blowing as a kid. It looks like the type of commercial that was put together by people who had never seen Knight Rider, but imagined an end product that was so much more intense than the real thing. With words like Fearsome, awesome and unmerciful mixed with a sort of real version of the Knight Rider theme. It makes you wonder, what small child could resist this sleek black toy car? It also makes it obvious that I never saw this bit of advertising. If I had, I would own this Key Car.

If you take just one thing from this commercial though, let it be this…