Krunch Twist Crackers from Keebler

Do you want a braided cracker? That is right I said a braided cracker. Picture a braided pretzel, but instead of salt you have nacho cheese flavor. Sound pretty good huh? Well it was and those fools at Keebler took them away from me.

Why were they so good? It was texture combined with some pretty good assorted flavors. I say texture because while other crackers during this period were trying to be light and crispy, the Krunch Twist was leaning into the crunch. They weren’t tough to chew, but you knew you were biting into a cracker.

The flavors were Hearty Potato, Toasted Corn, Nacho Cheese and my favorite Cheddar Cheese. The Corn, Nacho and Cheddar all had a corn-based cracker, while the Hearty potato was potato-based.

All were delicious.

Sadly the crackers were too niche, despite some pretty dedicated fans they just didn’t last. I can’t remember when I had my last Krunch Twist, but it was probably eaten without any idea that it was my last one. While sad, at least I had my favorite chip from Keebler to keep me company, The Tato Skin.

If you never had a Krunch Twist, maybe you remember this commercial from 1985.

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  1. Those would hit the spot right about now!

  2. I could go for a few right now, but still not re-release.

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