Let’s Play some Nerf Pool!


The other day in the Retroist forums, Drahken brought up Nerf Pool, which is something I had not thought of in years. My cousin owned a set and we would play it in the basement on a table next to his giant wood burning stove that heated the room we were in. It was an interesting concept, but the game required a lot more control then we were able to muster and time and again the balls would go over the flimsy guides and go flying across the room. That was find, but occasionally they would land near the giant stove. Without fail, I would touch the stupid thing by mistake and burn myself. It didn’t matter how careful or aware I was, this thing was a magnet for my hands, arms, shoulder and in one very odd incident my neck.

You would think we would learn some sort of discipline, but no way. We kept hammering those balls and launching them across the room. It is just the way we liked to play games. We enjoyed the chaos and I think the danger element of the stove just added to the excitement of what might have been a tedious game. Now that I think of it, this might have been a pattern when I gamed with my cousin. You should have seen us playing Lawn Darts. It was MADNESS! But at least it did not involve a hot stove.

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  1. Drahken

    I could never get the stupid netting stuff to lock into the grippers like it was supposed to, so I would always just tie the ends. Fortunately I always put it on the same card table, so I didn’t need to untie or retie it.

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