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Back in the 1980s IBM still reigned over the personal computer market and the show MASH ruled the Television airwaves. It was a decent show and had some great writing. It was especially good when it wasn’t preaching. Which was often in the early seasons.

When the show ended it was a huge event. They shut down the country and everyone had the day off. The guy who played Radar got a parade in New York City. He rode a golden bear down Park Avenue while adoring fan through money — actual money — out their windows to him. The cast of MASH were gods on earth. Then the show folded and its Alan Alda-less spinoff attempts went nowhere. That might have been the end of this ensemble, but the cast pooled their talents one last time and started shilling for…


They did at least two commercials I was able to find. They are decent ads, but make much more sense if you are familiar with the characters they played on TV. Still it neat to see how IBM was promising to change the way the “modern” office worked. And of course who better to do it then the men and women of the 4077.

MASH IBM Commercial 1

MASH IBM Commercial 2

IBM is Painless
Through early morning coffee I see visions of the things to be
The spreadsheet that are withheld for me I realize and I can see . . .
That computers can be painless they bring on many changes
Buy IBM for all your ‘puting needs

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  1. I believe Alan Alda first began as a spokesperson for Atari computers. A line of computers with much more processing power than IBM’s at this time, and for far less money.

    Your YouTube links for these commercials don’t work, though!

  2. Thanks for the call on the commercials Atarian. They should be working again.

  3. Some of the BEST goddamned commercials ever made ….

    One of the ones missing is Colonel Potter epainting.
    That one has Hotlips & Trap’.

    Everyone showed up for these ads.
    Everyone, that is, except one “B.J. Hunnicutt” ….

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