Mattel’s Magical Musical Thing

The Magical Musical Thing, on the surface, is a great toy. It is fun, electronic, musical (which in my book is nearly educational), but their is a sinister side to this wonder stick. If you have no musical talent, it is downright frustrating and just about all you can do to make yourself feel better is rub it on your head. This kid ain’t weird, he is just like I was, very angry at the fates for cursing me with a love of electronic sounding music and a tin ear.

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  1. ginni

    Love your blog! I wonder if we have a matel magical music thing at the tour….probably somewhere. Can’t wait to keep seeing more vintage treasures!

  2. stew

    Man do I remember this. In fact, I seem to remember having two and I believe the other one wasn’t white but like off-white or maybe light gray. It wasn’t so much ‘fun’ as it was ‘incredibly irritating’. But I guess all in all it did make some pretty snazzy noises.

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