MC Hammer Concert Doll

Last weekend I was at a flea market and spotted an MC Hammer Concert Doll in pretty poor shape. This is not the first MC Hammer Concert Doll that I have seen over the years, so I imagine he is not that rare.

Now Hammer was a pretty big deal in the music scene, but as someone who never played with a doll of this type, I am curious about how successful this doll was.

Who bought this for their kids? Perhaps my fandom for musicians was never at normal levels, but I have a hard time seeing how I could get much joy out of a Hammer doll. Not because I wouldn’t play with him, but because the play options seems rather limited. The MC Hammer Concert Doll has only two options and both were full doll purchases. One dressed in purple and the other gold. Gold came with his gold boombox. While Purple Hammer came with a cassette. So the best you could do was pit Hammer vs. Hammer in a dance off.

You couldn’t collect all his back-up dancers. Nor could you buy a stage playset or a the Hammer-mobile. How quickly did the fun dry up unless you mixed Hammer in with your other dolls.

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Now that I think about it, Hammer seems like he would be the right size to play with Barbie. So maybe those accessories worked. The Barbie Ferrari could easily be the Hammer Ferrari and the Barbie Townhouse could easily become the Hammer Townhouse. Just make sure you get a tiny chain for the door when they repossess it after lil’ Hammer’s money management issues.

I take back what I said about my Hammer doll confusion, Hammer is a great toy! This is probably why whenever I see one, I am always tempted to buy it. Especially when I see one in the gold outfit. Say what you want about the toy concept, Hammer certainly had charisma, knew how to make a statement with an outfit, and boy could he dance.

Watch the MC Hammer Concert Doll commercial

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