McDonalds Mcnugget Buddies

I have a loose box of cereal and fast food premiums that I keep in my closet. Unsurprisingly the box is almost immovable, since it was packed so tightly. When I tried last week, the bottom started to tear open from the weight. I thought this would be a good opportunity to go through the box. Maybe I could lighten the load or decide if I should get a new bigger/stronger box. When I spilled the contents out the floor, I was immediately drawn to the dozen or so McDonalds Mcnugget Buddies that I had in there and pulled them out and brought them to my desk.

I forgot how awesome I thought these guys were and it made me wonder why were they not more popular in the long-term? They had really fun theming and the design prospects appear limitless.

It got me thinking. If only they had come out a few years earlier and had an animated special. They could have been the Smurfs of the fast food world. What kid would not have watched a gaggle of anthropomorphic chicken pieces gallivanting through a magical forest? Perhaps gaining magical powers through their secret dipping sauces. Snicker if you must, but I remember what I was like in the 1980s and I would have TOTALLY watched a show like that.

I set the little guys up under my monitor and then did a quick online search for others that might want to join their ranks. These guys are surprisingly affordable, so I picked some of the larger lots I found and bought them up. So in a couple of days, this little crew is going to grow into a McNugget army!

So that is the story of how I tried to lighten my fast food and cereal premium box and wound up buying over 100 Mcdonald’s Mcnugget Buddies. As it turns out, I did need a new box. The old one broke when I repacked it and was carrying it back to the closet. I went to the store and bought a plastic bin, that way my “collection” will remain safe and I will have room to store all of my new friends.

Watch this McDonalds Mcnugget Buddies Commercials

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  1. Nice find! Mcdonald’s Mcnugget Buddies are awesome! I have a bunch of them too and recently found the Halloween ones and added them to the collection.

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