Mego Catwoman Action Figure

About a decade ago I had the opportunity to meet a MEGO collector named Jim. He had been collecting Mego toys since the early 1970s and had all his original toys AND had since then added a HUGE number of toys to his collection, some used, others pristine still in their original boxes. The only original toy he had from his childhood collection that was still in box was Catwoman.

It was very cool to see this sealed box, but I did not understand why he did not open it as a kid. As he placed it back on his shelf next to another Catwoman still in box and two out of box, he told me, “I didn’t want to play with a “girl” toy, when I was young”. I understand, but as a kid I would have found it an odd reaction, but I guess as a collector, his gain.

Still I did not pause for a second when opening Princess Leia from Star Wars or Lady Jaye from GI-Joe. I do not think I would able to resist opening Catwoman, especially with her funky pirate-like outfit. I guess that makes me a bad collector and explains why so many of my toys are not in their original boxes.

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  1. Kevin 251

    The Mego Catwoman confused me as a kid because I’d never seen this costume on Catwoman anywhere else — it looked nothing like the version in the Adam West TV series, the Batman cartoons, or any of my comic books. I figured it was an original Mego design. It wasn’t until years later that I found comic books from the brief period in which this costume was used.

    At one point I put the Mego Catwoman costume on the Invisible Girl, added a leather jacket (from an Action Jackson figure, I think), and created a makeshift Black Canary!

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