Mego Lip Gloss Lockets


I remember my sisters went through a flavored lip gloss phase at some point. I remember because I went into their room and got in big trouble, not for trying on their lip gloss (which I did), but for eating that lip gloss. I devoured all of it!

Surprisingly it did not taste as good as it smelled, but for some reason that did not stop me after eating the first stick or the second one. When they found out, I tried to deny it, but it turned out that my face and lips were covered in lip gloss remnants that I did not bother to wipe off. So the lip gloss bandit was punished and I still occasionally get mocked for my sisters when a reminder of the incident appears in our midst at a family function. Chapped lip season in my house could be a major embarrassment.

One of my sisters had a Lip Gloss Locket. I am not sure if it was made by Mego or was some ripoff, but it smelled like fruit and tasted like wax.

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  1. Pop Rewind

    Haha! I love this write-up! I was fond of the Dr. Pepper LipSmackers myself!

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