Metacomet Software’s “The Programmable Cube”

In 1982, Connecticut’s Metacomet Software released a program aimed at Cubing enthusiasts called “The Programmable Cube”. The program allowed you to explore the various ways to solve the cube and even allowed you to build your own cube.


All of my experience with “The Programmable Cube” is from secondhand sources and old reviews. But I have learned that the program was pretty intuitive, featuring simple key commands to turn and twist your cube in various directions, it was written in Pascal and that the software came in two flavors, 48K and 64K. I guess the program was pretty robust, because even with the 64K, you were limited in how many solution you could load. The program itself could solve a cube for you, but it also had its own programming language that allowed you to write your own solutions and test them out.

I have not been able to find a copy of the program being used online, nor do I have the hardware to run it myself nowadays. Does anyone else have any experience with “The Programmable Cube” that they would be willing to share?

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