Mickey Mouse Spirit of ’76 Colorforms

My family had bicentennial fever back in 1976. Everywhere you looked, our house was a red, white and blue. For years afterwards I would puzzle over all of the patriotic tchotchkes squirreled away in nooks.

While some of the items were bewildering, the toys and kids books my sisters got during that time, were not. I had a bunch of cool stuffed animals and this Mickey Mouse Spirit of 76 Colorforms set. The set featured Mickey, Donald and Goofy as the main characters in Archibald MacNeal Willard’s famous painting The Spirit of ’76.

The characters are in 3 colors, orange, pink and yellow with an american flag in its proper colors. The background was nice, Revolutionary War times looking full-color scene, which I thought was very authentic at the time. Looking at it now, I am not so sure. It sort of looks like a very Disney version of that era, which I love.

I am not sure where any of my Colorforms went. Nowadays I only have one or two sets, but I am trawling eBay all the time looking for deals on sets in good condition. Sadly, they are few and far between.

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