Mister Donut

I went back to my my hometown recently and spent over a month there. Most nights I would walk into town to get some food and while doing so I would pass a Dunkin Donuts. The smell of donuts made me even hungrier, but it also reminded me of when I was younger and another Donut seller was in town, Mister Donut. My Mother would take me there twice a week and we would sit at the counter. She would have coffee and cruller and I would have a plain donut and grape soda that was more chopped ice than soda. It was paradise.

Mister Donut was founded by Harry Winokur and was the main rival of Dunkin Donuts until it was acquired by the parent company of Dunkin and Donuts and almost all of the US Mister Donuts converted over or took on other names. Mister Donut is still going strong in a few Asian countries, but in the US, you only have one location in Godfrey, Illinois. I am not sure I will get the opportunity to get there anytime soon, but I encourage anyone in the area to make a pilgrimage and show some support.

If you cannot get there or to say, Japan, you can find some great Mister Donut memories online, like this Mister Donut logo uploaded by bluwmongoose.

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  1. Mooncity

    Ah, I too, recall the Mister Donut fondly. I remember going to one a few miles from home. Occasionally, my Dad would stop there.

  2. The Retroist

    I hear from a lot of people with similar memories. Makes me wonder if they could actually do well if they made attempts to return them to the US.

  3. CTD

    Oh Mister Donut. We used to get bags of cheap day-olds there in high school. A bag of those and a three-liter of Vess cola would run you something like $3.50 at the time (mid-90’s). Good times when you and some friends were out of lunch money.

    Fun fact: I can verify that the Mister Donut is still in Godfrey, IL. It’s in my home town. (Though I haven’t been inside in a decade or more.) I had no idea it was the last one in America. I’ll have to stop in next time I’m there, give a report, and post some photos.

  4. CarlosTheDwarf

    The above comment is mine, BTW. I was logged under a different user name 🙁

  5. vinvectrex

    Love Mr. Donut. When living in Tokyo about a decade ago, I used to stop by there a few times a week on the way to work. They had some great promotions – buy enough donuts and you’d get clocks or bento boxes – lots of cool goodies. I wonder if I still have any of them.

  6. Sarah

    I am from Godfrey, IL! We all love Mister Donut. I posted this on facebook, and myself as well as a friend of mine remember being bribed with Mister Donut so that we would get out of bed and go to church on Sunday. I haven’t been to my hometown in a while, but I am sure it is still there. and still being used as an awesome bribe for sleepy kids to get out of bed.

  7. The Retroist

    @Sarah – If you ever get back there, take some photos! I would love to see what the place looks like.

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