Mmmmm..Orange Creme Peeps

I love the orange food. Be it mandarin oranges or day-glo Halloween Snowballs I just can’t get enough of the color that has no rhyming partner. If only they made orange peeps, our world would be perfect. What, they do? They make Orange flavored Peeps? Who knew. Well everyone but me it seems, but if you too haven’t gone to the Supermarket lately I proudly submit to you, Orange Creme Peeps.


Egg shaped and orange? Why? Who knows? Who cares. They taste awesome. Like having a giant chewy St. Josephs aspirin topped with orange custard swirl cone at the Jersey Shore. Of all the jumps in Peep technology this one impresses me the most. The heck with chocolate filled peeps, Citrus Creme is where its at. Vive La Citrus Creme and Vive La Peeps! Whats next? Watermelon Peeps for Fourth of July picnics? Turkey Gravy Peeps for thanksgiving? What does Orange Creme have to do with Easter anyway? So many questions and so little information. Vive La Retroism!

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