My First Taste of the Re-released Monster Cereals, Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute

We are pretty big fans of the Monster Cereals here at the Retroist and have been waiting and hoping that they would one day resurrect Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy. When they announced the re-release a couple of days ago, I was ecstatic. But then the waiting started. I kept returning hourly to the product finder on the General Mills’ website and popping in my zip code, but nothing. But then something magical happened. On my doorstep was a box. This box…

Monster-Cereals-Shipping Box-01

After prancing around with it like an idiot for about 20 minutes I brought it inside and put it on the table and ran to get the camera. Even if this box was unmarked, there was no doubt what was inside. The fruity cereal smell was almost overwhelming. So I carefully checked and photographed the “crate” and then opened it up. Here are some of the pics I took of the process.

I was overjoyed. The box has been sent by the good folks at General Mills and in addition to the cereals, it contained a very nifty purple Big G thumb drive and a letter “From the Desk of Count Chocula”! I was in breakfast cereal heaven and I took some time to look at the boxes and lay them out in different configurations before opening them.


I already know what the other Monster Cereals taste like, so the real taste test was going to be Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy. So I ran to the kitchen, tripped on the carpet and fell. I quickly got up, ignoring the terrible pain in my ankle and grabbed two bowls, two spoons and some milk. I poured two healthy bowls.


Here are two close-ups of each cereal pre-milk.

They smell fantastic. So sweet and fruity, they are like my childhood in a bowl. I dove into Frute Brute and it tastes wonderful. Sweet cherry with a nice crispy texture that does not get soggy too quickly. This is the cereal I wanted most of all, because I have some vague memory of it. Sadly that memory does not extend to taste, so this feels like a new experience to me, but I like it. I like it a lot.

I had some Count Chocula to clear the fruit taste of my mouth before I had some Yummy Mummy, which also smells incredibly fruity. I expected it to taste like an orange creamsicle and not surprisingly that is exactly what I got. I quickly polished off the whole bowl all the while staring at the boxes arrayed before me and wondering what my friend Boo Berry would think of these new cereals. So I gave him a call and invited him over.

He tried some Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy…


I wondered what he would enjoy it and I am happy to say that he did, but this did not sit well with Boo Berry. He said, he might actually enjoy it more than his own cereal. This made his fruit ghost head hurt.


I told him that it was okay. Frute Brute might taste a little better right now because he had not had it in so long and that all of the Monster Cereals are good and while he might enjoy Frute Brute now, I am sure if he tried a little Boo Berry later, he would enjoy that equally. We sat around and chatted for a while and then he had some Boo Berry. He was pleased with the results (although he had already refilled his bowl with more Yummy Mummy).


We spent the night talking about cereal and eventually he disappeared through the wall to go scare some people next door he thought he heard eating Golden Grahams. That was fine, my belly was full from all the delicious cereal at this point. Well maybe one more bowl (or two)…


Remember the Monster Cereals are only available for a limited time. So get out there and pick some up when they hit stores. Target will have the exclusive retro packaging, so you might want to prioritize going there. I think both of these cereals are a great addition to the Monster Cereal line-ups and while we keep hearing “Limited Release” I think we might just be seeing one or both of these guys during future Halloweens as well. Fingers crossed!

By request, here is an edited version of the letter:


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  1. angela(toao)

    Too busy seething with epic jealousy to congratulate you… ?( ><)o

  2. Doug

    What did the letter from Count Chocula say?

  3. The Retroist

    I edited the letter (to take out some personal stuff between me and the Count) and I have posted it above.

  4. hobgoblin238

    You know….We SERVE count chocula at the Monster Cafe Saltillo here in Mexico. The Mexican kids who didn’t grow up on these are getting their first taste of the Monster goodness. SURE wish General Mills would send us a box too since we are promoting them so well.

  5. Spotted Feather

    How did you get them to send you free cereal ?

  6. The Retroist

    I didn’t do anything besides not shut up about them I guess. They contacted me at the start of the week and asked if they could send me something. I wasn’t sure what it would be (but this is what I was hoping for).

  7. VicSage

    I will hold off judgement on your blasphemy that Boo Berry is not the greatest tasting cereal of all time until I get a sample of that sweet, sweet goodness of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy and judge for myself. A huge congrats though! 🙂

  8. charltonhero

    Simply amazing post! LOL..I loved Boo Berry best back in the day! I hope Canada gets this cereal! Dying to try it again!!

  9. Justin Gruchy

    I envy you man. Canada won’t be getting these at all! This is like living behind the iron curtain! There is no variety or interesting products on Canadian shelves. They should change our name to Generica!

  10. Rondal

    Great review man! It’s good to see that only only has GM brought the cereals back, but that they’re going the extra step to ensure that people hear about it. Sadly I’m still hunting for Frute Brute here in Austin, TX, but it’s early. Soon… very soon, they shall all be mine! *maniacal laugh*

  11. The Retroist

    Thanks Rondal. I have been calling the stores in my area and got an affirmative on some yesterday morning. When I was able to get there in late afternoon, they were completely sold out, which was a little shocking. I am wondering if their is going to be a grey market for this stuff during the next few months. Still, if you land some, it couldn’t hurt to get a little extra.

  12. vinvectrex

    I usually just stick to Frankenberry this time of year. Although the Count is my favorite monster, I simply prefer the berry taste. I had no intention of trying out Frute Brute or Yummy Mummy, until I read your post. I have no recollection of them, but I’ve got to say they sound pretty tasty. I’ll be checking Target in my area tomorrow. Wonder if I’m already too late to get the first shipment.

  13. Atari Adventure Square

    As a Canadian living among maple trees, we hadn’t had Target around our necks of the sweet, syrupy woods…until now.
    The closest one is still miles and miles away but several are due to be planted on our local soil in early Fall.

    So, I’ll be the one with the shopping bags outside the closest empty, freshly-painted store.
    Wanna be sure to get my bowls filled for the year.

    Also, I always loved how in the retro-est of General Mills commercials Boo-Berry was the scariest monster to the two other crypt-dwellers.

    Way to go, Boo!

  14. I love the eye holes in the box!

    The retro boxes are now showing up and I found all five at my local Target. Can’t wait to try the new Frute Brute flavor!

  15. Drahken

    I just got some yummy mummy & frute brute. The cherry one tastes a lot like frankenberry, while the orange one reminds me of a kool-aid scratch & sniff watch I had back in the mid 80s.

  16. The Retroist

    I thought the Yummy Mummy was very orange cream-sicle-like, almost shockingly so. My preference is now for the Frute Brute, which I can see a connection of Frankeberry. It is in that same taste family, but I thought it had s stronger flavor then Frank.

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