My Gaming Session wasn’t complete without my Grenadier Miniatures?

I am a lifelong player of RPG games, but I must admit for most of that time, I have hardly used miniatures for the actual gaming. While they help the players get an idea of setup and logistics, I always found that part of things also slowed the game down and took it out of the realm of imagination. That does not mean I did now own miniatures. I owned quite a few and even spent some time trying to learn to pain them.

I would use them when I was the DM to set the mood for the game, putting them out on the table for people to move around. Which sadly often resulted in them getting damaged. So then I would only use them for display or in the rare instances when I got to be a player. Then I would pick on that most closely resembled my character and would bring it to the gaming session as my companion.

Grenadier made a lot of great miniatures and the RPG shop near my home carried them almost exclusively. It was a shock to me when the company went under in the nineties, but it is nice to know that their original molds still live on.

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  1. Grenadier was one of the best miniature makers and had some amazing characters. A shame they went under.

    Have you tried playing Pathfinder? It relies heavily on miniatures but it doesn’t slow it down. I especially like playing the weekly Pathfinder Society.

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