Need a Pick Me Up? Call the Hall and Oates Hotline

A few years ago, The Verge did a story about two guys who created a modern hotline for Hall and Oates. I called that hotline a couple of times and told my friends about it, but then forgot about it. That was until last week when someone brought it up at work.

Dialing it, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that this hotline is still cranking out the sweet sounds of this great musical duo. So if you are feeling a little down in the dumps and don’t have access to data on your phone, call 1-719-26-OATES (719-266-2837) and choose from 4 classic songs. (I usually Press 4, but 3 is also great.)

Press 1 for One on One
Press 2 for Rich Girl
Press 3 for Maneater
Press 4 for Private Eyes

Callin’ Oates is a great reminder that this mundane world is still filled with magical people doing wonderful things for inexplicable reasons. It makes me so happy!

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