Nestle’s Triple Decker Bar

Nestle’s Triple Decker Bar

The Triple Decker bar was a genius idea. It gave you dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate in each square and in the proper delicious proportion. Not enough people remember them. I had completely forgotten about them myself, until my sister mentioned them in passing and I went to the web to look them up.

When you are looking for a classic candy bar, you are bound to encounter the collection of Jason Liebig on Flickr. It was there I found this high quality scan of an almost pristine Triple Decker Bar Wrapper. It illustrates well, what you could expect from your Triple Decker.

Sadly, this is all I found. I saw mentions of it in some candy journals, but beyond some wrapper scans as physical proof, one might even doubt that such a remarkable bar ever existed.

I do not remember any commercials from the era and none were posted online. But I was able to find this one that ran in Australia for their “Triple Bar”. It seems to show the same bar, although the terminology is different.

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  1. The Triple Decker Bar was my favourite candy bar of all time. I used to eat them in the early to mid 70s. My grandma would buy them for me. The wrapper at that time was red white and blue rather than the yellow and brown shown above.

  2. Dave—Your grandmother and mine gave us the red-whie-blue Nestle’s CRUNCH bars, wrapped in aluminum foil under the waxed paper wrappers. The Triple Decker was as pictured, at least in New York State.

  3. For years I would ask people my age (60) about the Triple Decker candy bar. NO ONE remembered them. They really were so wonderful-really the perfect chocolate bar. I have a memory of a vacation to Yosemite when I was about 8 years old, and going to the souvenir shop in Curry Village each day and buying one. Don’t know why they won’t bring them back……

  4. @Marilyn — I think it would be a great retro bar to bring back. Not sure why they have no given it a shot yet.

  5. This candy bar was a favorite of mine as well. Wish they would bring it back. I also loved the Nestles Milk Chocolate Bar. It was creamy smooth chocolate unlike the gritty Hershey Bar. Much better tasting as well. I can’t find it in stores, sure wish I could.

  6. Finally, someone else remembers the Triple Decker Bar. My all-time favorite. Red, white and blue package. What I would give for one of those again.

    Does anybody remember a Forever Yours bar? It was basically a Milky Way Dark bar forty years ago.

  7. I loved the Triple-Decker Bar! Every time I hear of a lace or website that specializes in “old time” candies, I check to see if they have the Nestle’s Trile-Decker Bar. Alas, I have had no luck so far. I have made my own, though not quite as good, here’s how I did it. Begin by melting down dark chocolate and pouring it into a pan – let it set up a bit, then melt white chocolate chips and carefully layer that on op of the dark chocolate. You have to let those set up a bit before you melt milk chocolate chips to add the top layer. Let it set up a bit again before you score it. As I said, not quite as good but it’ll do.

  8. These were one of my favorites a s a kid as well. And there WAS a commercial for them. As I recall it was a “stop animated” figure of a little guy in front of a Swiss chalet with a German accent. If I remember correctly the voice characterization was done by Paul Friese/Frieze? He did a ton of voice overs for cartoons in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

  9. I would kill to have one of these again. As a kid, I would always have one for 10 cents at the local movie theatre on Saturday mornings. These were premium candy bars, costing more than the usual nickel ones. I remember the yellow and brown wrapper as in the picture. It was a perfect thing. And as others have said, someone should make these again! I also find that surprisingly, not many people my age, 60, rember them.

  10. I am so glad to find someone else who remembers the Triple Decker bar. I loved them. I would separate them into squares. Some I would eat quickly, some I would let melt slowly, others I would bite just right to break the different chocolates apart to eat. A little involved, but the Triple Decker was a rare treat!

  11. Chris,
    In Ohio the wrapper for the “Triple Decker” bar was red, white, and blue as Dave stated…

  12. I used to buy Triple Decker all the time ,it was my favorite ,is there any where I can get these and if not they need to bring them back !!!!!! PLEASE

  13. My family adored Triple Decker bars. We’re from Michigan and had the yellow wrappers pictured. I would certainly love Nestle to bring them back!

  14. I only got these bars as a kid when I visited the states. They were the best. Until they bring them back, I buy 3 large Lindt bars, white, Fleur de sel milk and dark chocolate. I heat them gently with a creme Brule “torch” and layer them and chill. One triple bar lasts for a week or more, broken off in bits to enjoy with an after lunch coffee. I expect they, like other pure milk bars, have a high food cost to produce, and bars with wafers or nougat inside are much cheaper to produce at the chocolate bar price point (but gone are ten cent chocolate bar days – long gone). Hope you try my hack for the best chocolate bar ever. Whoever added salt to chocolate was a genius. (or you could sprinkle some on a regular bar before sandwiching the bars).

  15. All these responses need to be forwarded to the Nestles company. Maybe they will at least think about bringing it back. It was my favorite too.

  16. Please Please bring back my favorite Nestles Triple Decker Bar! No one in my work believed me about this bar…..I am so happy to have found this site! I think Nestles needs to bring back this bar. I was raised in California Im now in Texas they think I’m crazy…No one hear remembers this candy bar.

  17. These were among my favorite candy bars. I agree with others that it would be great if Nestle brought them back. Creamy, smooth and delicious.

  18. Wish they still made the Nestle’s triple decker bar. One of the favorite child hood memories.

  19. This candy was also one of my favorites. Also, the Skybar.

  20. I have been trying to find this candy bar as well..It was my ALL time favorite as well, I live in Texas now but grew up in California, no one here I talk to about it remembers this grand bar….Bring it back!

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