Night Court the Complete 4th Season on DVD

I was a big Night Court fan during its original run and I have tried watching it in re-runs since its run ended. The problem is that Night Court just doesn’t seem to get the re-run love it deserves. It was a great show with a great ensemble cast, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to appeal to the mainstream retro TV watching audience. Well my itch for Harry and friend got scratched when WB started releasing the series on DVD. Season 1-3 sailed into stores and into my DVD player and I waited patiently for season 4. I kept checking Amazon and my local retailers, but could find not trace of it. Then last week I open up the Warner Archive and what do I see…

Night Court Season 4

Laughter’s in session as Criminal Court, Part II, State of New York dispenses justice and comedy in an uproarious Season 4 that adds opinionated bailiff Roz Russell (Marsha Warfield) to the oddball Night Court ensemble. You are hereby sentenced to 22 Hilarious Episodes on 4 Discs as wacky mcnacky Judge Stone (Harry Anderson) is seemingly bounced from the bench, randy-and-ready Dan (John Larroquette, in his third of four Emmy®-winning seasons for Outstanding Supporting Actor in comedy) is loved into a coma, public defender Christine (Markie Post) ends up wielding the gavel, Bull (Richard Moll) pens a controversial children’s book and court clerk Mac (Charles Robinson) goes into…labor? This is comedy that delivers.

Yes! Night Court is back and is being made available exclusively exclusively on DVD at So if you like to laugh (and who doesn’t) and you need a break from watching horror movies and TV this October (which I did). Pick up a copy of Night Court the Complete 4th Season on DVD.

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  1. thebill1979

    It should be noted (for those who care about such things) that Warner Brothers archive offerings are made to order, and will be on DVD-R discs, rather than the traditional stamped disc that is normally found in standard retail releases. I only mention this because some folks are concerned over quailty of DVD-R vs stamped DVD.

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