When people think of eighties, they think of Ocean Pacific (OP)

I don’t think I owned any Ocean Pacific (or OP) clothing when I was a kid. But it was so ubiquitous that I was well aware of it. I even had vague notions of what the brand stood for.

Sunshine. California. Relaxed.

These words still are what come to mind, even though I could barely remember an Ocean Pacific ad campaign. So I went to YouTube to check out what they were like. What I found validates what I think about the brand.

In one amazing commercial, a guy drives his convertible through rugged western terrain at night wearing sunglasses. He pulls the car over and a woman materializes out of thin air and joins him in the car. They then drive through a brightly colored Mtv style world until they come upon a digital billboard.

What is on that billboard? They are! And they are advertising Ocean Pacific.

Not a single word is spoken throughout the commercial. Instead they play this repetitive synthy music.

Needless to say I love this commercial. It is as if a commercial about the eighties took human form. Somehow figured out a way to clone itself. Then those two clones had an offspring. This commercial is that offspring. It does not represent what they eighties were actually like, but it does a great job encapsulating, what people think of when they about the eighties.

So if you need to escape your dreary modern life and want to step back in time. Click the video below. You will instantly be transported to a warm neon digital California. Where everything is possible and yet nothing ever happens.

Watch this amazing eighties commercial for Ocean Pacific

For those not impressed, I would like for you to take a moment and watch a more contemporary commercial for Ocean Pacific (OP) fragrances. It also uses just imagery and music. You tell me, which is more compelling.

A more modern take on Ocean Pacific

Personally I do not find that very compelling, although I was glad to see OP is still mixing it up.

Now to return you to the past here are two more classic OP commercials. Both with very catching jingles.

OP Sunwwear Commercial

“Puttin’ On My O.P.”

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  1. The commercial you’re fond of, which I am too, seems like it was straight out of The Cars “You Might Think” video. It is soooooo 80s. But as we discussed before, it represents what I think of as the more interesting time of the decade – the early 1980s. Cheesy yet entertaining. Love it.

    One other thing, it never surprises me to see how different the Latin commercials are from the ones for the United States audience.

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