Oink! is an interesting game from Activision that takes the Breakout gameplay and turns it around. So instead of trying to break through a wall you are trying to rebuild a wall. The game is good concept and they take it up a notch by wrapping it in the story of the 3 pigs. So instead of some abstract concept, you take the role of the the 3 little pigs trying to rebuild your wall before the big bad wolf comes in and grabs you.

Lets just get the window dressing out of the way before we get to the meat of the game. The graphics are pretty sharp and the pig and wolf are rendered nicely and the VCS sound is definitely up to snuff, while not breaking any ground on either front.

The real treat of Oink! is the gameplay. You will drop bricks from the top of the screen and repair the wall that hold back the big bad wolf. Now while that is repetitive the pace gets accelerated and you need to use a joystick instead of a back and fourth paddle. This makes the game progressively more challenging and is a real strain on the old wrist. Add to the mix a wolf who constantly trying to huff and puff you over through the holes in the wall and you got some real inspired 8-bit gaming. (Although it really looks like he is licking through the wall with a giant disturbing canine tongue.)

Now I am playing this alone, but I remember that when I played this as a kid you could play in 2 player mode where you get to play as the wolf. I didn’t get to try that mode out for this review, but I remember enjoying that aspect of the game. I mean who doesn’t like playing a wolf?

Oink! is a pretty decent game that is surprisingly challenging and addicting. I guess I found it surprising, because my memories of the game were not solid and when I looked at the package and saw the 3 Pigs, I thought…kids game. However, I should really not be surprised because during their Atari 2600 days, Activision pumped out a stream of quality products and while Oink! is not Pitfall, it is a solid title.

Gameplay Video

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