Old School Cable Weather Broadcasting lives again!

Remember when you first got cable television and would use it to check the weather? I am not talking about the first time you saw the weather channel, I am referring to an even earlier time. When they had just a streaming page with the weather. I am betting it looked something like the image from above?

While I have seen many people post these style of broadcasts on YouTube. They are just historical records of times when weather was not part of the 24 hour news cycle. Instead it was something to be consumed in a simple to understand format.

Well, I am happy to say that the above image does not come from an old broadcast, but is instead the product of a brilliant modern creation by Brandon Martel and Craig Midwinter. They launched a page on Facebook called the Weather Channel Winnipeg. Which is a recreation of the old style weather channels from the early days of cable television. The nostalgia seems to be registering with a few thousand people in Manitoba, but I think people from outside that area will get a kick out of it as well.

The page is the product of a hack day between Martel and Midwinter, who are both developers. This gives me hope that the software they created could be put into a public repository where it could be used by other people to host their own old school weather broadcasts. Whatever they inevitably decide to do, it is worth dropping by their page and enjoying the bold colors and clear information they present about their local weather.

I full-screened the video for almost an hour already today and the light jazz they play was the soundtrack to my morning.

Watch the weather as it was supposed to be watched

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