On a Very Special Episode of Mr. Belvedere – Wesley get Molested in “The Counselor”

Sitcoms of the 1980s were always a great place for “Very Special Episodes” and the classic Mr. Belvedere was no exception. In Season 4, Episode 9 “The Counselor” , Wesley goes off to Summer Camp and is inappropriately touched by assistant camp counselor, Perry. Will Wesley stop this pervert before he strikes again? Will Mr. Belvedere be invited to go golfing with George again? That’s right, during a molestation episode they inserted an awkward golfing subplot.

In the end Wesley does the right thing and reports Perry. The family, concerned that his incident will scar him for life, and wanting to get back to the country club, are relieved to see Wesley back to his old monkey shines, after he puts glue in Heather’s curlers. I am sure he is not deflecting.

Here is a promo that shows Wesley’s brave moment when he confronts Perry.

This is one of the only episodes that does not end with Mr. Belvedre writing in his journal at the end. Instead it ends with Brice Beckham and Christopher Hewett advising youngsters to watch out for child molesters and teaches them what to do if they encounter one.

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  1. Brian

    I’m trying to remember…at one point did Mr. Belvedere bow up at the camp counselor and threaten to give him a beat-down?

  2. The other “Very Special Episode” of Mr Belvedere that I remember was the one where a friend of Wesley’s contracts AIDS. After learning the facts about the disease Wesley is comfortable enough to share a drinking straw with his friend.

    1. The Retroist

      Oh I had forgotten all about that one. That is from season 2. I cannot be sure, but I think i LOVE preachy sitcoms.

  3. Bill

    They aired this episode today, 1/10/12, on Famnet. I had not seen it before, it was very well-done! I especially like how Wesley’s mother handled it, Ilene Graff’s compassionate nature comes through in her acting. I don’t often do a “thumb’s up” after watching a TV show, but I did after this one.

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