Open Wide for Chunky! Chunky Candy Bar Fun Facts and Commercials


I love Chunky! What I didn’t know is that the older Chunkys were extra fancy. Raisins, Brazil Nuts AND Cashews? Wow and the Pecan only Chunky sounds like a great thing. But how did we get to the very pedestrian seeming candy bar that we know today? Evolution of course! Sometime in the early 1960s the Chunky Corporation bought a small island off the coast of Oregon and loaded it with 8 different varieties of Chunky. When they came back 5 years later, they found that the raisin-only Chunky had mated extensively with the Peanut only-Chunky resulting in a hybrid called Chunky X, that came to dominate the limited island candy ecosystem.

They still weren’t sure if it was the right candy to market, but somehow one of these Chunky Xs made it to mainland Oregon. Within 2 years you could not find any of the old breeds of Chunky. Nature always finds a way.

Fun Facts about the Chunky:
– It was named after the granddaughter of its creator, who by all accounts, was in fact “chunky”.
– The candy bar was originally pyramidal, but it caused packing problems so they lopped off the top, leaving its now well known trapezoidal shape.

Now some Chunky Commercials!

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  1. Bradley Stroden

    I distinctly remember a plain Chunky bar (sans raisins and pecans) when I was young, and it was my favorite. I can’t find any reference to it online, but I know it existed!

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