Original Unused Monster Cereal Box Art

If you did not know the Pop Culture Auctioneer’s Hake’s has started their newest action, number 204. It is of course filled with lots of high quality Pop Culture and historical memorabilia, including these incredible Monster cereal premium art pieces. Each of the 3 pieces is from the the archives of premium creators Sam & Gordon Gold and features a Monster Cereal Premium that never made it into stores.

Franken Berry “Swinger Monkeys in a Barrel” Offer

Count Chocula Pencil Caddy

Franken Berry Stained Glass Window

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  1. peachy

    free swingers O_o

  2. VicSage

    I’m not sure which I would wish to have more…the Monster Swinger or the simulated Stained Glass Window featuring Frankenberry! How were they even going to do that? Use plastic for the window?

  3. This stuff of great! Love the early monster cereal drawing style! By the way…does anyone remember those do-it-yourself stained glass hanging things? I know they were around in the eighties. You got the metal framework and multi colored beads. You put the beads in place and baked It to melt them. Finally, you hung them in your window! It really helped unicorn art, turn a major corner

  4. mooncity

    Those sure are great, but if I had millions, I’d like to get some other things on that auction list. Clark Gable’s camera gear, Bogart and Valentino’s watches, and all the comic strip related sheet music. More than anything, though, I want that NASA flight safety Snoopy poster.

    I hate being poor.


  5. mooncity

    You can still get those suncatcher things, CW. I’ve seen them at craft stores. We had those in our house, too. Ah, the smell of melting plastic wafting from the oven…

  6. Caffeinated Joe

    Cool stuff. I had some, I think, or remember seeing them on the boxes!

  7. Atari Adventure Square

    I don’t get it. If they made these available today (and sold the gorram cereal here in Canada – grrr) they’d have piles of money. Big, Uncle Scrooge-size mountains of greenbacks.
    I’d buy pencils and windows just to have more use for these great prizes.
    I just don’t get it.

    Peachy – yeah, not surprised. These guys are from Transylvania, home planet of Frank n’ Furter.

  8. The Retroist

    I wish they did premiums for the Monster Cereals as well instead of the special edition boxes. By the time I am out of the store the novelty has worn off.

  9. Crystal Adkins

    We were the cereal monsters this year for Halloween, and it was pretty easy to do. If you wanna see the how to it’s on my blog! They won us 2 Best Over All trophies!

  10. Crystal Adkins

    Please go to my blog and look at the photos of my families Halloween costumes for 2011. I was Frankenberry, my hubby was Count Chocula and my 8 year old daughter was BooBerry. We won 2 separate costume contests with these costumes! They were easy to make and all 3 cost less than $10.00 for misc. materials. We are also finalists in 2 online contests as well, but we are over 100 votes behind on one of them.. : ( oh well!! Had a great time making and wearing them!

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