PAAS Easter Egg Colors Button from the 1930s

As the comedian Patton Oswalt will tell you, the people at PAAS found their niche and ran with it and very little has changed over the years. They have been around since the 19th century making those convenient tabs of color. I have bought dozens of their kits over the years, but never noticed any associated merchandise. So I was surprised when I spotted this PAAS pin on Hake’s from the 1930s for only 18 bucks.


According to Hake’s
1.25″ 1930s advertising button from company famous for their Easter egg decorating materials. Has W&H paper. Tiny scratch above “A” of “EASTER” but barely shows in reflected light. Displays Exc. Rare.

Show the world you take your Easter Egg coloring seriously and pick up the PAAS Easter Egg Colors Button from the 1930s from Hake’s.

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