Absolutely Annie Clothing from Sears

In 1982, Sears tried to capitalize on the upcoming release of the film, Annie. They created a fashion line and some branded toys. Sadly the film and the merchandise would ultimately under-perform.

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The LeisureWave Aesthetic

I want to feel the warm golden metallic glow of the late seventies and early eighties. I want to be serenaded by soft music while tapping my foot on dark thick carpeting. I want to be surrounded by greenery while a light breeze blows through plantation shutters. I want to live the LeisureWave Aesthetic.

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Dick Tracy Special (2010)

In 2010, seemingly out of nowhere Warren Beatty put on the yellow trench coat once again and played Dick Tracy in a one time TV special. Its a strange creation with an interesting reason for existing.

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Pillsbury Fudge Jumbles

Pillsbury Fudge Jumbles were a delicious fudgey oatmeal treat that I was suspicious of at first when I was a kid. Under my Grandmother's watchful eye, they would soon win me over and turn me into a lifelong fan.

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Did TSR try and trademark the word, Nazi?

A rumor stared circulating years ago that the makers of Dungeons & Dragons were trying to copyright the word, Nazi. This turned out not be true, but the background of why is a pretty interesting story.

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Coca-Cola and its early Seventies Gourmet Burgers

In the early Seventies, Coca-Cola ran this ad touting its association with a selection of unique and not so unique burger combinations. Let's take a look at what paired well with a bottle of ice cold Coke in the "Me" decade.

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52 Fun Retro Facts I learned in 2019

I collect a lot of what I think are interesting facts over the course of a year. Typically I just left them in a doc to use in the future, but this year I thought I would share them here on the blog.

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Incredible Hulk Instant Muscles

Incredible Hulk Instant Muscles were inflatable toy muscles you wore under your shirt. They could take you from zero to hulk bulked hero in just a few pumps. Sadly all that flexing and inflating was rough on these faux muscles, so not a lot of them have survived.

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