What is the name of the Pringles Mascot?

In 1967, a new snack was born, the potato crisp known as the Pringle. Of course, an innovative snack like this needs a great mascot and they came up with a mustachioed character to adorn their new snack's cylindrical container. But do you know the name of this old timey looking fella? The answer might surprise you.

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Pinky and Leather Tuscadero

Happy Days introduced two sisters to the show that are still fondly remembered today, Pinky and Leather Tuscadero. Let's take a quick look back at these side characters and the out sized impact they had on the show.

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Peanuts Pumpkin Carols

Are you not happy with your sing-a-long options during the Halloween season? In 1966, the Peanuts released a set of Pumpkin Carols that should help this season be a bit more musical.

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