Palisade’s Amusement Park Ticket from 1962

When my Mother and Father were kids they spent many carefree days at the place for fun in our area of New Jersey, the Palisade’s Amusement Park. The had all sorts of keepsakes and souvenirs from their time there, but the one they gave to me, when I was just a kid, was this ticket that my Father had kept and never used. The park closed in 1971, so I sadly never got to visit there, but I have stared at this ticket and listened to my Mother’s stories about it so many times that I feel like I have been there.



It also doesn’t hurt that the song as sung by Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon was a staple in our house and would be played at the table jukeboxes when we ate at diners.

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  1. Nice! As a kid, I would drool over the free Palisades Park tickets that were printed in the back of comic books. As a west coast kid, I had no hope of ever using them, but it didn’t stop me from dreaming.

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