Peanuts Halloween Stickers

When I was a kid, you did not rate your teacher on how well they taught. You wanted them to be permissive and have a great set of stickers. I was lucky enough to go through most of my grammar school years with some amazing educators who carried a vast array of stickers with them to school every day. From famous cartoons o scratch and sniff, they had it all. The best teachers would even have holiday themed stickers to pull out when the autumn and winter months crept up. These stickers were so great they would make you WANT to do good on a test. Hey wait a minute!! The Peanut Halloween stickers are some of my favorites from above were some of my favorite.

I especially loved getting a sticker with Snoopy on it since at the time I was a Snoopy collector. Peanuts Halloween Sticker Snoopy was just about the best thing I could get on my tests. They were probably more of a treat because I rarely earned one.

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