Pearl Drops Tooth Polish is Perfect for that First Date with a Serial Killer

The start of this commercial seems like a scene out of a serial killer film. He times his descent into the groceries perfectly and then makes his offer to take her out after clumsily spilling them. How creepy of him, right? But then her reaction is crazy and desperate seeming, which takes this whole thing in a different direction. She will be ready in 15 minutes?? How hungry is she? I imagine even the most seasoned serial murderer might pause when confronted with her desperate enthusiasm for food and strange company.

My Grandmother or maybe my Uncle used tooth polish of some type, which I remember spying in their medicine cabinet. I still do not really have clue as to why it is different from toothpaste? I thought that is what you did with tooth polished your teeth up with it. I guess Tooth Polish just takes it up a notch? Is it for whitening? Perhaps I will pick up some Pearl Drops nowadays and see how they work (they still sell the stuff). If I have half the reaction that the lady in this commercial has, I will enjoy using them thoroughly.

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  1. vinvectrex

    Who’d have thought a toothpaste commercial would be the scariest thing I’d see today? Brrrrrrrr……

  2. TheOnline

    Wait what? Did I see her leave her bag of groceries on the ground? litterbug! 🙂

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