Personalized Records for Kids

One of my friends when I was a kid had a father who traveled for work a lot (especially to exotic California) and whenever he came home he would bring a gift with him. Since he was gone all the time, he was bringing home piles of gifts for my friend. This seemed pretty awesome to me because I only saw the piles of gifts and the happy face my friend put on while showing off those gifts.

I would later in life learn from him that it was miserable for him not seeing his father and that the gifts felt like a kick in the stomach since they were cold comfort for a kid who would rather have a more present dad. From that moment on, all the cool stuff he had, didn’t look so cool and I felt silly having talked so highly about all of it to my family who were always in my life.

One of the presents I remember very well, was a personalized record that my friend played for me a few times after he got it. It was amazing for this physical album to be “customized” as a gift. But knowledge can really flip your opinion on something, because now instead of a happy relic of childhood, all I picture is my friend laying in his room listening to this record featuring the Flintstones and staring at a photo of his absent dad.

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  1. shikida

    sad story 🙁

  2. Drahken

    Whether it’s sad or not rather depends upon perspective. As a kid, I would have been jealous of both of these guys. At least the friend’s father came home once in a while, plus while gifts are as good as time they’re better than nothing at all (take it from someone who got nothing). Contrast that with those of us who got stuck with a total deadbeat for a “father”, and never even got things like birthday cards or phone calls from him.

    1. The Retroist

      That is a really good point Drahken. A lot of people didn’t even have fathers. I guess you should be grateful for what you got.

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