Pete Rose for Aqua Velva


Its very rare when someone with a massive amount of athletic ability also is endowed with other talents. Lets face it for every Jim Brown or even OJ Simpson their are a dozen Pete Roses to balance out the cosmic talent equation. Now Pete was an amazing baseball player. One of the best, but was he a skillful product pitchman? You be the judge.

Not the best pitchman, but you get to see Pete’s animal magnetism. The ladies just can’t resist Pete, but add a couple of drops of Aqua Velva to his already potent musk and you got the makings of a fragrance that would make those Tag Body spray makers sit up and take notice.

Now this commercial is awesome. I just love commercials where random groups of people break out into song and when one of those singers is Vic Tayback? All the better.

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  1. Between the scent of Aqua Velva and that haircut, how can anyone woman resist Pete Rose..?

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