Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

The holidays are coming, which means it is time for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls! When I was growing up, my family was addicted to Pillsbury dough tubes. Whenever we could, we bought a tube. So I have many food-related memories that revolve around these delicious bread products. The smell, the taste, the texture and even the sound are still with me after all these years. Who doesn’t love the sound of popping open those tubes?

While all of their products are great, my favorite is the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. They are flaky and tasty and they required me to learn a process when making them. Folding them so that they took on the correct shape when baked up. I cannot tell you how many times my sisters would laugh at some half-formed crescent roll. Impugning my ability to properly make them. It drove me to master them.

Nowadays, I have Pillsbury Crescent Rolls mostly around the holiday season. They are a special treat. One that takes me back to my youth. I can feel the cold New Jersey air dissipate as the oven in out kitchen began to heat up and I can hear my Mother calling me from some video game to help out. This was probably something I complained about then. Now I would trade just about anything for another shot at some holiday meal related chores in that kitchen.

Watch this commercial for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

I cannot end this without thanking Pillsbury for introducing me to the idea of croissants, which is what I thought Crescent Rolls really were.

One of my early jobs was at an ice cream parlor/bakery and it was there that I would make full sized croissants for the first time and a light bulb would go on in my brain.

Wait, Crescent Rolls AREN’T croissants!

These things are similar in shape, but are totally different!

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  1. MetaGirl

    Those are GOOOOOD rolls. Here’s a cooking suggestion:

    • Unroll one of the strips of dough
    • Place a slice of American cheese and a hot dog at the wide end
    • Re-roll the crescent
    • Trim excess if desired
    • Bake as directed

    This will produce yummy goodness.

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