Pizza Coupons – Buy 10 Get a Free Pizza

I love pizza. I think everyone would say that though, like the way we say, we love air. I loved pizza enough, that I had a special drawer in my bedroom where I collected various pizza coupons so you would cut out from pizza boxes. How did a young kid accumulate so many coupons? Easy, I would find them on pizza boxes in front of people houses when they threw them out. I am not sure why, but people wouldn’t bother with the coupons.

So me and my trusty pocket knife could find 7 or 8 a week and during meatless Friday months, double that easy. That meant free pizza almost every other week for me and my friends. it was a pizza golden age that I think about often, especially when I am hungry. Like now.

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  1. Mashísmo

    Meatless Fridays! We so lived parallel lives.
    Funny sidenote: Anna’s is no longer, but the address still belongs to a pizzeria — Il Forno Pizza Café (since 1997) and – get this – they still have the SAME phone number!

    Wonder if they’ll honor the coupons.

  2. Flack

    That is something I don’t think I’ve ever heard of people collecting before: old pizza coupons.

  3. The Retroist

    I guess it is a unique collection now, all I have left were odds and ends from unclaimed pies. Benefit of living in a town that had a lot of pizza parlors.

  4. Mashísmo

    “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!” – standard pizza box slogan

  5. The Retroist

    I have had Il Forno a few times (never tried to use a coupon from Annas). Before it was Annas it was Digiorgios (sp). At some point in the 1980s I switched to Natolis but now we usually just grab a pie at Plaza Pizza.

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