Plastic Man: The Complete Collection

plastic man

As a kid, I loved The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show. The show ran from 1979-1981 and featured the comic adventures of a the stretchiest superhero. The show started off with Plastic Man teaming up with his sidekick Hula Hula and his girlfriend Penny to defeat bad people around the world. The show would change in 1980 with the addition of Baby Plas and an entire Plastic Family. I was always more of a fan of the Original Plastic Man, so I was very happy to hear that a DVD box set of the first 35 episodes of the show (no Baby Plas) have been released on DVD. The DVDs include the following episodes:

01. The Weed
02. Wham-Bam! Beware of the Clam!
03. The Horrible Half-Ape
04. The Minuscule Seven
05. Superstein
06. The Diabolical Doctor Dome
07. The Dangerous Doctor Dinosaur
08. Empire of Evil
09. The Maniacal Computerhead
10. Badladdin
11. Ghostfinger
12. The Kitty Katt Caper
13. The Terrible 5 + 1
14. Doctor Duplicator Strikes Again
15. Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man
16. Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy
17. Hugefoot
18. The Day the Ocean Disappeared
19. Sale of the Century
20. Dr. Irwin and Mr. Meteor
21. City of Ice
22. Moonraider
23. Honey Bee
24. The Corruptible Carrot Man
25. Dogmaster
26. Thunderman
27. Toyman
28. The Spider Takes A Bride
29. Highbrow
30. The Hippotist
31. The Colossal Crime Of Commodore Peril
32. Joggernaut
33. Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape
34. The Crime Costume Caper
35. The Royal Gargoyle Foil

The box set also contains a “Stretch Your Plastic Man Knowledge with a Plas-tastic Retrospective” featurette and a real treat, the unaired Pilot Episode of the show. This early Plas stuff is not exactly on par with a cartoon classic like Scooby Doo, but it is close. It has great stories, great characters and nice animations. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of Plastic Man – The Complete Collection, jump on the Plastijet, and enjoy.

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  1. Philip Reed

    Crazy! I remember watching a few episodes of that when we moved back from Turkey in 1981, but I’ve never seen more than a handful of episodes. EVERYTHING is making it to DVD these days.

  2. Cap'n Carrot

    I remember liking this as a kid, but I really liked the Batman cartoon (with Bat-Mite) around the same time. I picked it up on DVD and was very disappointed. Hopefully this holds up better.

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