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I was a at a flea market a few months ago and spotted a Karate Larvell Jones in really rough shape. The lady still wanted 5 bucks for him and would not budge. Madness I say!

The Police Academy action figure line, which was based on the animated series and not the movie, sadly never really took off (like the animated series). As a fan of the animated series, I bought one or two at the time and have kept my eyes open over the years for deals. I am in no rush to add to what is already a too large collection of everything, but if I were I could pick up the entire collection of toys on ebay, pretty cheap. So that is a backup option for when I go through one of my “gotta have em” phases.

Fun fact: Two accessories, included with Claw and Eugene Tackleberry, would be reused for the Joker figures in Kenner’s Dark Knight Collection.

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  1. I thought the toys looked good on the commercials (reminded me a lot of the “real ghostbusters” toys), but I neverliked the animated series 9despite having been a big fan of the movies).

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