Popeye’s Comic Strip Glasses


My first encounter with Popeye’s was in the 1980s on a trip to Florida. I cannot say I was smitten with the food at that point, but I really liked the branding of the place. I loved the Popeye character and couldn’t believe there was an entire chain dedicated to him. I could hardly contain my excitement upon entering the place (you should have seen my my first time at a Wimpy’s).

I do not remember what we got to eat, probably a family pack of some sort where I only ate the drumsticks and pretended to be King Henry VIII, but I do remember that they had glasses available and that I was able to convince my Mother to buy me one. They were Popeye themed, although I am not so sure they had the comics on them. I would like to confirm it, but sadly the glass did not survive the drive back to New Jersey.

This commercial is from an earlier, 1970s promotion, but the glasses sort of look similar enough to the ones I remember. I like two things about this commercial. First, watching people fill glasses at a soda fountain is always oddly satisfying and second, I like that they tell you what glass you can expect this week.

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