Poseable “Dune Sandworm” from LJN

I was never really impressed with the “Dune” movie that came out in the 1980s. It’s a real bummer that I wasn’t because some of the toys for the movie from LJN looked great. They are definitely a niche collectible right now, with a lot of opportunity for full collection completion. Why not start it out with this wonderful Sandworm.

According to Hake’s:

10×12.25×3″ deep box w/display window contains 14″ long realistically designed poseable creature that bends and twists. By LJN © 1984 Dino de Laurentiis Corp. Back of box includes photos of action figures and other accessories. Box still sealed by original tape strips. NM w/Mint contents.

dune sandworm toy

Poseable “Dune Sandworm” from LJN [@] Hake’s

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  1. VicSage2005

    One of my best friends received one of these on his birthday a few weeks ago. Not sure what his daughter will think of it but we immediately went out and put it in the sandbox. It’s just neat they made a sandworm toy. 🙂

  2. Glen

    I received one of these when I was eight or nine and it holds and place of honor on my shelf this very day.

    When I was shorter, the space under my bed was chock full o’ crap and one day my dad decided he was going to help me clean it out. While sifting through the piles of junk, my dad (playfully) said, “Maybe we’ll find your d***.” Not twenty seconds later, I sighted my sandworm and cried out “my wormy!”

    It took pops a few minutes to recover from the fit of laughter that ensued.

  3. Deby

    How much would the sandworm cost. I have tried I think EVERYWHERE to find a new or used Dune sandworm for my brother’s birthday in Sept. and I am having ZERO LUCK.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate it.


  4. I’m surprised there was a toy line at all. As much as producers try and wish, Dune isn’t Star Wars.

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