Proof that Monster Pops Existed!

Proof that Monster Pops Existed!

I have talked about Monster Pops many times on the blog and begged the web at large to provide proof of their existence. It looks like the Halloween Monster Gods are finally shining down on The ol’ Retroist, because I just got an email from mmellimel with scans of the wrapper to these delicious and mysterious treats. It had been so long without any new proof that I almost fell out of chair.

According to mmellimel:

I have the proof! They are actually called (on the wrappers)”Fun Shapes” (3-D Monster Fun Shapes) I only have the wrappers now..I still haven’t found the box just yet. As soon as I do I will get pictures. We bought these at Kroger in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The wrapper says: This product is manufactured under license from DCA. “Fun Shapes” is a trademark of DCA. copyright 1981 DCA Food Industries, Inc. Patents Pending.

I cannot wait to see that box, but these wrappers go a long way to restoring my sanity. Behold!

Okay, it is only a wrapper, but this is one step closer to finding something. It is only a matter of time at this point.

Thanks again to mmellimel. You are the best. Now, I want that inflatable toy now! So badly.

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  1. Jason Judson

    Attn: The Retroist
    c/o: Grimoblin

    I sent a couple pics of the 3D Monster Pops box to the Metal Misfit earlier today…

    Here is a copy of the email:

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    Attn: Metal Misfit
    C/O: Grimoblin

    Are you sure that these weren’t the Monster Pops that you were remembering? I found this pics on the Bing image search. I loved these things as a kid, a smart ice cream company exec. would re-issue them somehow! Now I challenge someone to find a picture of an open yet uneaten Monster Popsicle in all of it’s 3D glory Lol…

    Take it easy brother,
    Jay a.k.a. Grimoblin

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